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We are Power Rising!

We are an intergenerational power force of Black women from various sectors. We are business women, politicians, union members, authors.

Cicely Tyson

A Tribute to Cicely Tyson

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Protecting Your Crown Virtual Event

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2020 Virtual Summit

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What is Power Rising?

Power Rising provides a space for Black women to turn power into action and create an actionable agenda to be implemented in their communities and nationally that leverages our social, political, professional, cultural and economic power and influence for the betterment of ourselves, our communities and our country

Fixed On Freedom!

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Our Mission

At critical moments in history, Black women have always found a way to come together, define a new path forward, and make an impact in ways that change the world. Black women are making strides in every sector, from policy to politics, from the classroom to the boardroom, in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

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Black Women Owned Businesses

Power Rising provides a space for Black women, from coast to coast, to come together as one. We leverage our collective wisdom to develop strategic, actionable ways to build and maximize our economic and political power—for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our future.